Tyrant Army Figure Case - Hold up to 288 models

Tabletop Tyrant

Tyrant Army Figure Case - Hold up to 288 models

The Tyrant Army Figure Case MK 3 is a lightweight and durable black material case.

The Tyrant has been orientated so that trays stack horizontally for extra protection for your miniatures. As well as the top opening, a side panel also opens out, so trays are easier to reach and stack. The case is water-resistant and specially designed to fit the classic G.W. trays (found in their older figure and army cases) as well as the Tabletop Tyrant range of trays. The case comes with a zip-top, sewn handles, a shoulder strap, and heavy-duty buckles.

We have improved the plastic battle armour of the tyrant so that all 6 faces of the case are protected. This new version of the tyrant also comes with side pockets for templates and dice, a front pocket for rulebooks and an inside pocket for army books or rulebooks.

Please note any models shown in the tray are for reference only and not included with the case.


The standard loadout contains 6 x 28mm deep infantry trays and 1 x 60mm deep pick and pluck tray. This gives a combined capacity of 216 infantry plus 6 medium tanks or monsters.

The compartment size of the infantry trays is 50 x 32 mm

The Infantry loadout comes with 8 x 28mm deep infantry trays.

The pluck loadout comes with a 100mm, 75mm, and a 60mm pick and pluck tray.

The EMPTY version comes without foam. 

Dimensions of the Infantry Trays

L = 365mm W = 270mm Height = 34mm (including bottom pad)

14.6" x 11.2" x 1.28"

Dimensions of the Pick and Pluck Tray

L = 365mm W = 270mm Height = 66mm (including bottom pad)

The size of the removable pick and pluck squares are 20 x 20 cm.

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Please note our foam depths do not include a 6mm bottom tray, which is glued to the bottom. For example, the 25mm tray is 31 mm tall including the bottom tray.

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Free Shipping on orders over $60 

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